Tuesday, March 07, 2006

SEO Truth is a Search Engine Optimization website truth site

This site is dedicated to providing truth in SEO, Search Engine Optimization. How can ethical companies succeed in optimizing their websites? How can innocent people make mistakes, and overcome them by being radically honest. How can anyone truely be a good SEO by learning and constantly applying simple but intelligent content to increase their website's presence.

How do you get Internet users to notice your website? How do users find value in what you provide? You do it very carefully, you provide value to consumers and provide tools that people will value. Our main website that we developed to help website owners learn the truth in SEO is called, Link Mint can be accessed at http://www.linkmint.com

LinkMint is an SEO tool set that provides users a simple place with 23 features to understand and make their website better. Everything from figureing out what keywords are important to their business to how they can understand their competitors, how to increase their Link Popularity, to how to manage their website with website project management tools. All of these SEO tools are free for registered users, and we developed these Search Engine Optimization tools for ourselves, and we will continue to enhance this product. LinkMint is a free product and will always stay free to ethical website owners. Please go to the Google website to get an API key so that you do not abuse the Google systems. Google makes this possible for ethical use of technology for end users and website owners.

So stay tuned we are just getting started. We welcome and help or comments any one has to provide.

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