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Here is a good post from our SEO Blog Templates blog, I wrote earlier today, enjoy:

The Power of Dumb Ideas

In the book “The Big Moo” Seth Godin writes one of his short chapters, one is titled “The power of dumb ideas”. I read it a few weeks back, and again today, it’s a brilliant piece on the changes in marketing today versus 10 years ago. 942972_his_entire_world_frmsxchu_photo-blog.jpgBut mainly it get’s to the core of my passion for marketing, he mentions a piece on how Google has opened up billions of channels. While he does not mention SEO, that is the true power of Search Engines and Google that they open up tremendous amount of marketing opportunity for marketers. But you already knew that, since you are here, for SEO Blog templates. You probably already know the power of blogging for SEO and Internet marketing too, but did you know that Seth Godin is the man on Internet Marketing, and marketing as a whole. And his blog is ranked #9 for Keyword “Blog”, he supposedly has 500,000 plus readers for his blog too, no matter how much SEO you do, it’s almost always better to be a great marketer and he proves it every day. 902235_happy_kid_and_mom-from-sxchu_photo-blog.jpg

Now some SEO advice from the book plus my experience in marketing, internet marketing, search engine marketing, and SEO. Why did I repeat all of this, well that is the hierarchy of the field of marketing, and I started my marketing experience back in 1992 studying the field. You have by now, read some blogs here, and hopefully you like them all. One of my first marketing tricks was ground shipping a box of hot air balloons to an executive in New York to get him to pay attention to me. He did, and I got what I wanted and he saved me thousands of dollars. I picked that trick up from a marketing book I read, sorry can’t remember. But the lesson back than, and still today from Seth is, be different and get noticed, and it still works.818618_bystander_responsibility_frm_sxchu_photo-blog.jpg

I want to tie in the title of the blog, the power of dumb ideas is the probably the number force for innovation. Because innovation is not obvious, and nor does it seem reachable. But, so many good ideas get rejected by executives and leaders, but I think dumb ideas really are the force of innovation. Smart marketing people and SEO consultants and experts know this to be truest. The other part of marketing, creativity, and SEO that excites me and a lot of people is, that it’s constantly changing. So what is it about Dumb ideas, again? That was not clear in the book either, but net net is that they often lead to Innovation, so don’t discount ideas. Innovation is that another hobby or passion of mine, so how does Innovation happen?

The secret is brining a great idea from another market or industry to your market or your industry. Seth says it’s “more Efficient and Effective Than Blue-Sky Creativity and Innovation”. There are two types of Innovations in the world, new technologies looking for a home/problem to solve. Or problems that no one else has solved, I tend to focus on the later, but that is rare to the be the first or among the few. This leads me to a concept we are working on, I can’t unveil it just yet, we are obviously talking about it here on a SEO and Marketing blog. And we know how you marketing people are, we tend to talk a lot, don’t we. But the concept is target us, with a focus on b2b, marketplace, social networking, marketing, SEO, SEO Consultants, and yes sales people. How crazy is that, all of these people in the same website, how can we serve them?

Well, let’s start with the biggest need of all businesses, not just online businesses. They all need customers, and need to market themselves. This platform or marketplace will allow us to do that, but don’t think it’s a marketplace, that is not the zest of it. It does involve B2B which is what most of SEO consultants do, right we are helping businesses promote themselves. But isn’t that what SEO is, and what could we possibly be doing that is different? Oh it’s not selling blog templates or anything to promote an online marketplace, no more clues now:-).

Well wait and find out, I honestly don’t think there is something like that out there. But many little pockets of websites, many thousands and millions of them, all over the web. Tagline of today, be different be good, but as always blog your way to the top.

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