Sunday, May 18, 2008

High Page Rank Links are weighted higher than ever

We have been blogging about SEO strength and links, but never have the high PR links mattered more. In the recent past, sure volume of quality links could have improved your rankings, not as much any more. It really is more about the High PR links. Therefore, we are promoting our own blogs and marketing stuff here. Can you blame us?:-)

Not thinking about heaters in May

So why am I promoting blogs below on the marketing of our marketing book? because this Infrared Heater and Air Purifier blog has a page rank of 4 and it’s a valuable property, and any links from here help to rank other sites. Getting powerful links from blogs to your website is one of the key’s to getting high rankings. But, you already knew that, if you read our marketing book:-), enjoy the blog and buy the book if you want to promote your business on the Internet and especially Google. Don’t forget to buy air purifiers or Infrared heaters from our sister site at

We are doing a test of a couple of titles of our marketing book, here is a blog I wrote about it in our SEO blogs. We know a thing or two about SEO services, SEO, blogs, and internet marketing/advertising and marketing, but we still don’t know what to name the marketing book. Here are the two names we are testing, one at Amazon, and the other on I am very upfront, my favorite is the first, “Marketing & Motivation; in the Internet Era, learn the secret powers of blogs, search, and social marketing“, second is “Marketing is a Contact sport: make contact through blogs, SEO, search and social marketing“. Which one do you like better?

Just to do a plug for our SEO Services, Keith and Bennett are looking to get a few SEO services clients, if you know anyone looking to get ranked in the top 10 in Google check out our SEO Services area by clicking Here at SEO, or do a search on Google for the keyword “SEO” we are currently ranked #12, was #7 for a few days last week. We are obviously one of the 10 best SEO and search and Internet Marketing companies in the world.

A Marketing Book or book marketing ?

Book Marketing - Research Competing Title Sales And How To Market Books Online

The article above covers the topic of Marketing a book, which is dramatically different than “A Marketing Book“. It’s amazing how sequence of words can make a big difference. Some times keywords confuse us and don’t provide the proper search results, especially regarding “Marketing book“. So we have a marketing book, as titled above by our blog title, “Marketing & Motivation in the Internet era“. We just published it through Lulu and soon it will be on Amazon, within days, well actually it’s already there for it’s Kindle ebook format. That marketing book title is “Marketing is a Contact Sport; make contact through blogs, SEO, search and social marketing”. You can say we are doing a marketing research test to see which title sells. We are also promoting the book, to see what works, and looking for testimonials for the marketing book. We wanted to position the book not just for Internet Marketing, SEO, and Search marketing, but for the wholistic marketing view.

The article linked above on marketing a book talks about promotion via your website, and another top book marketing expert talks about blogs as a way to promote a book. Back in 2003 when I started blogging, I had heard of a woman getting a $Million+ contract for publishing a book. Maybe that was one of my motivations for blogging and working on my writing. I can’t express the value of blogs not just in book promotion, but in SEO and Internet Marketing as a whole. That is why we created the MyTypes blogging platform, and turned it in to a blog promotion and social marketing site to help people promote their blogs and build community. We really do go by the saying “No Blogger left behind”. We have been busy, providing SEO services to clients, and they all want to be #1. The cheapest and the best thing they can do is write smart blogs and do quality linking, you don’t need an SEO Services company to rank you high, unless you really have a very competitive keyword.

So many people ask me the secrets to SEO and search engine rankings, especially as we are ranked in the top 10 in Google for some major keywords. My answer is always to start blogging, and of course to get links. There really are not too many secrets, but there is a lot of work building content and links. Page Rank is becoming more and more important in the quality of links. So start blogging, keep blogging on our free blog system, and get others to provide link to your quality content. And, do yourself a favor buy the marketing book, it really will be the investment you will make. I mean it, well you will be doing me a favor to, so thanks!

Oh, it wouldn’t be a promotional SEO blog, If I didnt’ plug in one of our hot clients such as the Air purifiers from Steril Air Purifier, these are a hot item folks.

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