Saturday, March 11, 2006

SEO Simplified, but it's all about ethical marketing

What is SEO? How can it benefit individuals, and business websites? Search Engine
Optimization is the set and science of website design to make sure the search engines find your website. The key here is that your website is designed and built to provide valuable information for consumers, and search engines just want to help you achieve your goals. As you do theirs, to provide useful information to consumers. In a nutshell, SEO is really for you the website owners to design your website with the right. Intent and for the same purpose you intent for them to buy product or services from you. Consumers buy from sales people who provide the best information, your website should do the same. And a great SEO Company will help you provide the wealth of product knowledge and information that you already have. And in turn you will help the search engines help consumers make the best decisions,

Just like their needs to be truth in advertising, their needs to be truth in Search engine marketing, I think we should push for regulation on this issue? Websites should be held to the same same standards as advertisers are, truth in advertising, truth in SEO, and hence the Blog name, and a mission to help consumers.

Some SEO companies today promise people the world, a guaranteed top 10 ranking in Google they say. I had a very good friend who was being charged $4,000.00. For his small business. The sad part was that my friend was recommended by a local credible website design firm, and this Search Engine Optimization consulting company had a very poor record, in my opinion they are borderline fraudulent. The reason this SEO company is not fraudulent is because I don't think they are
breaking any laws.

So What is good SEO, what are the most important criteria for SEO, and what about Search Engine Marketing, and what about Internet Marketing as a whole? These are the things we help our clients with at LinkMint.Com services. And, we have expert and Ethical SEO, SEM, and IM people. This nlog will start to cover all major facets of all three of these topics. Search engines of today are smart systems, and constantly improving to help people find the most valueable information. So they essentially hold the key to internet marketing, the overall category of SEO, and SEM.

So what is the most important criteria Search Engines want for a website to get ranked well? And, what are some of the do's and don'ts of bad Website design, and SEO? So as you can imagine good SEO starts with good, smart strategic marketing. We will provide you the consumer the information in the upcoming articles about SEO Truth so that you may help your self make smarter decisions for Search Engine Marketing, and Internet marketing!
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