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SEO for eStores and Bloggers

SEO for eStores and Bloggers

November 22nd, 2007 by admin in our SEO Blog @

Hi Bloggers and eStore web managers and any one else who wants to promote their business. You are here because you blog and/or have a eStore to sell stuff on or you help people with their SEO (search engine optimization). We all know that to SEO our eStores we have to blog about our products with the right keywords. We recently also talked about blogging about the right content on the high Google PR sites such as eBay and Here is an article that our previous blogging coach had written enjoy!

Shopping Alley eStore Blog sxc.huSEO for Bloggers: Getting Started with SEO (Part 1 of 6)

Posted by: Bc in SEO for Bloggers, Blogging Techniques, Getting Started, StickinessYou’ve probably heard the term search engine optimization , or SEO, being used before, but you might not have realized how simple it is to apply some of the techniques to your blog. By choosing the right platform, much of the nitty-gritty design work will be done for you, but it’s up to you, the blogger, to create quality content that uses SEO to target new readers and promote your brand.

SEO-Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving the volume and quality of traffic to a web site via search engines and search resuLinklts. The goal is to achieve a high ranking, or to show up early (ideally in the top five) in the listings for relevant search terms, or keywords. Many SEO techniques can integrated in your blogging to ensure that your blog ranks highly in the search engine results for the keywords that are most important to you and your business. *Ad: Just wanted to add a word from our sponsors, who provide Infrared heaters better than Edenpure Heaters, and Silver Cross Jewelry by

Although SEO isn’t the only thing to consider when setting up your blog, it’s important to keep it in mind from the very beginning. First of all, you need to make a comprehensive list of all the potential search terms, or keywords that people could use when searching for your business, product, or service. Pay particular attention to synonyms, alternative phrases, and even misspellings ( is your friend here).

Next, you want to place your most important keywords in title and tagline. For instance, if you’re a real estate agent based in Chicago, use those words in your title - a possible title and tagline would be “A Kirkland WA Real Estate Blog: From Bothell to Kenmore to Kirkland WA”. Not only is the title the first thing your visitors notice when they come to your blog, it’s what the search engines display in their results listings. Be sure to place your text before your logo or any other images in order to maximize your site’s findability.Link

Couple Window Shopping

Once you’ve started actually blogging, be sure to use your chosen keywords liberally in your posts, categories, and tags. A high keyword density is key to search engine optimization. To continue with the Chicago real estate agent example, some obvious keywords for that blogger would be Chicago Real Estate, Chicago Condos, Wicker Park Real Estate, South Loop Condominiums, and other related terms.

If you’re blogging about your business, it’s fairly easy to place keywords within the content naturally, because you’d probably use the phrases while discussing those topics anyways. Aim for organic, natural usage instead of just repeating keywords for the sake of placing keywords amongst other keywords in your content (see how annoying that is to read?). You don’t want to counteract your SEO skills with unhelpful content.

Combining SEO techniques with compelling content will make your blog a powerful component of your brand. The simplest way to do this is to put yourself in your readers’ place - you want to make your blog easy to find (the SEO aspect) and beneficial for your readers (the compelling content). Quality content will also inspire other bloggers and site owners to link to you, and link building - getting others to links to your site - is absolutely vital for SEO success.

Organic keyword use in the context of interesting, informative posts is especially important in regard to link building, the next aspect of search engine optimization that I’ll be covering as part of my SEO for bloggers series, so be sure to check back soon!

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