Tuesday, March 21, 2006

UrbanTango.com comes back home to Twin Cities

Hi Everyone, I am going to take a little break in my SEO track of talking about Keywords and going down my SEO Strategic Plan. The reason for my break is that, I want to celebrate a minor to a major win for my first SEO project, and really my life line at UrbanTango.com. And my First City, where I live currently Seattle, our first Seattle Real Estate site has come a long way.

My real estate broker Rick Oxford who is about to do something big with UrbanTango.com mentioned to me today that UT wasn't just getting leads in Seattle, but real estate leads in Minneaplis, Alaska, Portland etc. Well Folks, I did some research on all of the search engines, and I love MSN. Oh, I just love it, of course I like Google, and Yahoo, I use yahoo for I'm and email. But MSN is giving me leads, real leads, and MN is here in Seattle! Thanks MSN, for ranking UrbanTango.com #1, in key words Minneaplis Real estate, in Twincities Real Estate Agent etc.

I feel that my SEO experiences really have come a long way, and I love SEO, Internet Marketing, and Search Engine Marketing, I believe in technology and I believe we have to come up with a integrated solution. ANd, that is why I always being in real world marketing in with IM, SEM, and SEO!

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