Thursday, March 23, 2006

One of the worlds Best SEO in Seattle

No, I am not talking about me, or our new company. I was doing research on Search Rankings by Yahoo Search engine, and I found a small company with some great insights in Seattle. In fact they are a very powerful company,, I think is thru website address, maybe it's .org. Based on their suggestions, I think it might be .Org!

I noticed that the picture of this beautiful SEO team, took place in Seattle's GasWorks Park. I love wallingford, and Gas Works. In fact, I only live 1/2 miles from there in Queen Anne. I found their SEO website to be very knowledgeable, insigtful, and credible. I did find that their client was not the Who's Who. But, they knew what they were talking about. They better, they charged $400/hr, now some of you might think that is too much? I don't, a good Seo should be able to prove their value in much Orr than that per hour. I worked for Gartner Group, and use to charge $1,500/hr.

So it was good to are that one of the world's best SEO companies is in Seattle, and just down the street from my house in Wallingford. Some day, we will meet, but my old past guy would want to network with them, and I today, I am just too busy.

I have been researching on the format and content of the Topics of SEO, I want to write. And, I will probably get those down on the SEO Truth blog in a few days. I have to provide some tangible technical definitions, before I move forward. The Search Engine Otimization world requires, that I notify the average person, what it is What in SEO, Internet Marketing, and Search Engine Marketing!

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