Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Husband and Wife to SEO, it's changed everything

In my last article I mentioned how SEO keywords are the first step in building a strategic SEO plan. I used the analogy of the Husband and wife, and Keywords value to SEO, yes they are partners at every level. Sitting with this new Seo and Internet marketing plan convergence, a few days in to it I have learned that this topic I am embarked on is Learking on as the next generation of marketing paradigm. So for the layman, Marketing is shifting, accelerating at the speed of Bandwidth!

What does that mean, it means everything in marketing is happenning very quickly9 you can build a product faster and you can do market research faster, AKA the Keywords Importance. You can promote your products faster, those keywords again! And, you can price and validate everything within your market, Yes SEO is impacting Search Engine Marketing, and it is the new paradigm of Internet marketing.

Keywords sit at the center stage of SEO, Search Engine Otimization is the art and science of keywords, more to come tomorrow!

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