Thursday, March 16, 2006

The one P of marketing that is never mentioned, SEO truth makes it valuable

When we talk about SEO, if we forget the most important rule than all of our efforts will be lost. Search engines are not our target for SEO, it's people, because who are search engines trying to help? It's the People-stupid, the experts say.

Going through marketing class in the school of business in 1985, I learned about the 4 P's of marketing. I wonder if they are even teaching anything about SEO in marketing classess in universities these days.
Since the college years, I value my marketing skills more than any other skill I have. The guru's of marketing forgot to include the most important P, the people in the 4 p's. The traditional P's are, Product, Price, Placement, Promotion. But, people is the most important because People are the target for Al 4, a they should be. So each product ( or service which falls under the marketing umbrella,) should have a careful and well thought people category. This is where, we should list the type of people, their demographics, psychographica etc., is described. If we do this first, our other 4 p's are a lot easier to accomplish for our marketing plan. So what does all of this have to do with our SEO plan? Everything, the people are the key as you realized, so now we are about to create a Strategic SEO plan, essentially we are creating a Search Engine Marketing Plan and a Internet Marketing Plan. Usually most of the people I talk with have neither of those, and they may or may not have a marketing plan. So to tie their SEO plan to their marketing plan, I have to understand their target customer, their People that their website is going to target. So the keywords that we started to talk about in the last SEO Truth Blog can make sense, we better take a step back and make sure that even our keywords are not only optimized for traffic, but for the perfect client. Could we also figure out some keywords in internet time, that would accelerate our traffic that might not even be on topic? For SEO for example Website marketing, or Internet marketing, or Internet Advertising could be good keywords? So all of this helps is to get more customers, and that is the objective of any website marketing, SEO, SEM, and Internet Marketing.

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