Friday, March 31, 2006

Incomplete SEO tools, what do you want?

Currently we are working on our SEO tools, to give our clients exactly what they want. If you don't see anything in the following list of features, please suggest SEO features you would like added to the list. You can comment here or drop us an email.

Website Promotional Tools:

1. KeyWord Search

2. Keyword Density Test

3. Meta Tag Generator

4. Robot.txt generator

5. Website Submission

6. Website ranking Checker

7. Keyword Optimizer

Website Analysis Tools

8. Meta Analysis

9. Page Link Analysis

10. Website Analysis

11. Page Snooper

12. Search Engine Simulator

13. Who is domain Look Up

14. Html Validator

Link Popularity Tools

15. Link Popularity Analysis

16. Competitor Link poularity


18. Keyword Typos

19. Domain Typos

20. Search Engine Spider

21. Google Dance

22. Page Rank Search

23. Page Rank Look Up

24. Site Link Analyzer

25. Future Page Rank

Future Builds:

1. Site Map Generator
2. Link Exchange Directory
3. Add/edit/delete link manager
4. Link email exchanger
5. Add Link Page Finder

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