Saturday, December 15, 2007

Internet Marketing 2.0 Content is not king

For SEO, Content is not king

December 15th, 2007 by admin

Do you ever wonder why some sites get ranked #1 and they don’t seem have any content on them? And, than there certain sites that have tons of great content, even good SEO type blog content, and they are not even shown up on the search engines for their keywords?

How can this be? Are Search Engines fair? What is the most important factor in SEO rankings?

We won’t go on and on about how we can help you get ranked #1 on Google with our SEO blogs, or our SEO templates. We can’t, but we can provide the simple answers and some basic SEO Strategies and maybe some SEO Blog templates for your success. Before we start, we do want to mention that Content may not be King for SEO, but great content is important for your readers and long term success. And, great blog content is the #1 ingredient for your SEO rankings, because it controls the key to your #1 SEO ranking strategy.

Ans. #1: Content is not King because, you could have great content and no one could link to your content, and it could be totally devalued by Search Engines. How can this be? Well simple, the search engines such as Google need to have your content be validated by News and blog sites. And if they link to your blog with the proper contextual links, than and only then will your site or blog get ranked in the top search results.Photo-blog-sxc.hufrom

Ans. #2: Search Engines are fair, they need help validating your content, and it’s in this content validation system that makes them fair, the more people link to your content the more fairness is spread through the SEO system.

Ans. #3: The #1 ranking factor in top search engine optimization and ranking factors is contextual links. Especially from great content and the more you get the higher you are ranked. So the #1 SEO ranking factor is the most contextual and highly respected Contextual Links.

For example, if we link “Cross Jewelry” to our site

Than that has the best SEO valued contextual link, notice how both links go to the same exact spot? But the second Link does not describe the content as well as Cross Jewelry does, does it?

Cross Jewelry, is the proper keyword phrase that will rank high as a result of the above link type. Even experienced SEO consultants make the above mistake. Even plural and singular text keywords make a difference. For Example, Free Blog versus Free Blogs, if your target keyword has both, as most of us do, than you are better off doing plural text keywords, but we will cover the plural keywords link in another blogs post as well as great Link Baiting strategies.

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