Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Why SEO your blog after build your Brand?

Build your Brand first than SEO your blog

December 5th, 2007 by admin

I really am sorry for not blogging for days it’s been almost 5 or six days since I posted on this SEO blog. The last blog on Blogcast your brand, took a lot out of me, it took me days to edit, and it ended up being much longer than I expected. So I will try to not be so long this time. By the way that last blog post took more than 2 days to write, so the date was 2 days later Nov. 28th rather than 26th. Flower-from do I tell you this extra detail of not blogging for days. Some times it’s ok to not write for days, but get use to blogging only your best. You don’t want your readers to wait too long, and forget about you, but nothing is more important than making every word, every photo, every sentence make an impact. It’s better to say little and make a big difference.

I rarely link to other blogs especially other SEO blogging sites, for very selfish reasons, but I have mentioned ProBlogger, SEOMoz, and are the great resource. For those of you wanting to get more in to SEO blogs and SEO services, and stay on top of every single technical detail, and the nitty gritty technicalities of the SEO business, you definitly have to read, he leads the Anti-Spam team at Google. He is also some what of a celebrity. This great article covers some of the basics of SEO and why you should SEO your blog, how to SEO your blog, and why you should build your brand first, than SEO. Well, that’s what they say, to read the full article from SEO Chat Click Here.

Here are some insights from the article:

1. By building your brand first, you will get attention and Links which is the best thing for SEO. The key here is to be strategic and learn about SEO first and brand building. This article kind of sells my concept of brand building and SEO go hand in hand. Read my SEO blogs or the quick iSEO Book, read SEO chat, than Blogcast your brand, which is the best way to SEO.

2. You really should SEO your blogs, not just your website, fresh content and content is always king, how the content should have the proper keywords.

3. Search Engine Friendly URL’s, why hyphens are still better than underscore, to SEO your keywords especially for your SEO Blogs.

4. Why should never do keyword stuffing, just stuff your Turkey’s don’t be one by, too many keywords and trying to hide them.

5. Alt Tags, I have been talking about Alt Tags for ever, use them folks, along with Tags to describe your content and categorize them.

That’s all Folks, but do read the above artile, it really is pretty good and it’s from the source, which is Google and Matt Cutts. **As always this SEO blog is brought to you by the Designer Silver Jewelry by Jill Brahms and ComfortZone Heaters, Infrared Heaters, which are better than Edenpure Heaters from