Thursday, November 08, 2007

Are 17 Links in an Infrared Heater blog too much?

Are 17 Links in a SEO blog post too much? If done well, we don't think so, check out the blog below, it may seem excessive, but if you read closely, it's written quite well contextually? Do let us know what you think

Infrared heaters save 50% more energy, info thanks to Edenpure Heaters?

Our friends at EarthWise technologies have asked us to SEO their website, and talk about why their Infrared heaters are better than Edenpure Heaters, and overall the most modern Infrared Heaters on the market. We normally don't take on clients, but as you know from this blog that we care about global warming issues. And, saving energy costs and energy is the biggest impact on being more Green and being for the environment. So we will use this blog as much as possible to support anything green, especially our friends Infrared Heater devices, which we believe are better than Edenpure Heaters. So to support and be more green buy a Infrared Heater from them through our MyTypes site and we plan give 10% of profits to various charities. Right now we don't have a lot of profits, we are still a startup so, don't pick on us too much:-). Here is a partial post from one of my blogs.

Infrared heaters save 50% energy, Green product?

Infrared Heaters save up to 50% on your heating costs, and are 50% or so energy efficient, but does that make them a Green product? I don’t know why not, but I wonder if there is a body of government or something that certifies Green Products? Does any one know? Why are we bringing up Infrared Heaters? Our friends started selling Edenpure Infrared Heaters last year and made almost a million dollar in sales as they setup Earth Wise technologies.

Our advisor and investor Jim is a COO of a bEarth Wise technolgies and they recently patented a special Infrared Heater that is better than the #1 Infrared heaters on the market by Edenpure Heaters. We are actually about to do some work for them on seo and search marketing. But, we are debating if we should set up a Green Shop, showcasing their Infrared Heaters. So that is why we ask about Green Product certification, does anyone know about this process, is there such a thing?

To make a disclaimer we are not affiliated with Edenpure infrared heaters or their parent company. Edenpure Heaters does a lot of advertising with Paul Harvey and they are promoting Infrared Heaters and energy saving, so we are thankful to them for being green.