Thursday, November 23, 2006

Seattle Real Estate teaches this Blogger and keeps on teaching

I wish I didn't have to Blog, I have been too busy as of late. And, if it wasn't for my original real estate website for that taught me the value of blogging for the keywords Seattle Real Estate, I would not do it. I purchased a book today on SEO, my fifth or sixth in the last 2 years. I do more research on the subject, than I want to. Why am I blogging here, and telling you the value of a Search Engine ike Google's passion for Blogs?

SEO Truth requires that I tell you that I am being shameless in writing a blog on SEO for Seattle Real Estate and my real estate agent friends who sell in North Seattle need more leads. You see, our SEO has not done what he is suppose to do. And, our Search Engine Rankings for our real estate site for Seattle have dropped. And when SEO's don't do what they do, the business suffers. The fastest way to get our SEO ranking up in Google, MSN, and Yahoo type Search Engines is to add meaningful content. So I am writing about the value of Blogging.

Yes, shamelessly, I am writing about two subjects for the SEO benefit of our real estate website. We have become much bigger than Seattle, but our roots of Washington state, and cannot be forgotten, so we Blog on! And, we focus most of our efforts today on our real estate website idx web solutions business at