Sunday, April 13, 2008

Vipin Singh on SEO and Reputation Management

The best way to protect your name is to tag and blog your name on powerful sites, especially as there are unethical people who are out to destroy your reputation. Here is an article I, Vipin Singh just wrote on our SEO Blog, enjoy:

Ripoff Report Ripping Off Those Reported? Insight from Global Career Management Seattle

Ripoff Report Ripping Off Those Reported?

I just ran in to my friend Nancy from Global Career management Seattle branch, I asked how she was doing and she just told me about how Ripoff report has hurt her business. She said she lost two sales last week, because of false acquisitions on Ripoff Report. She also mentioned to me that there is an attorney who did the research on the founder of Ripoff Report. I will write about the article of the attorney, as soon as I get it from her. I am quoting the’s article above to help consumers discount, what Ripoff Report is doing. Please click on the link above.

Nancy from Global Career Management Seattle branch just told me that the owner of Ripoff Report has not allowed them a rebuttal. To be honest with you, I have experience with Ripoff Report and I don’t like the site. I had to defend my self against them, but more importantly in their favor, I was honest and allowed to rebuttal, especially as we went through hard financial times last fall. The problem, I have with the site was the power rankings they have on Google and the lies that a person told about our me personally. I don’t want to mention his name, as I could destroy his reputation quickly, because of the power of our SEO and blogs. I am trying to stay above the negative energy.

Nancy with Global Career Management Seattle and her boss, had different experience, they were not allowed to rebut the comments by a negative customer. This gave me the idea of writing about reputation management, a growing segment of the SEO Services business. More on this later!

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