Monday, November 19, 2007

Secret to SEO your blogs, it's blogging on...

#1 Secret for SEO blogs, it’s blogging on..

November 19th, 2007 by admin

A few days ago, I wrote about eBay blogs and how blogging on eBay is surprisingly the secret I want you to keep secret for SEOing your blogs. Kids Photo blog secret

We don’t want everyone to over use this tool and Google than to downgrade it’s page rank value. It’s still shocking me how long and high our blogs on eBay are getting ranked higher on Google than most any many sites with many incoming links. So where you blog is as important as what you blog about. You already know that you have to get links to your blogs and websites for them to get ranked in the top ten in Google. So what is the #1 secret to SEO your blogs?

I don’t know how it ended up as the #1 Secret to your blogging success or to SEO your blogs, but without it, your blogging and eSuccess might miss the mark. So here it is: You must use your target keywords in the title, in the post, and in the tags of your blogs. But the most important of these is to use the Keywords in the title of your blog, and use those keywords in the title of your posts as everytime you blog, if you can. Why? On Wordpress and many other blogging platforms, the blog post title actually creates a separate URL AND PAGE. We all know that the title Meta tag are the most important meta tags, so each post creates the target keyword based Meta tag too. Wowsa, all that with just the title of the blog name?

So the #1 Secret for SEOing your blog is to have your targeted keywords in your blog title and use those keywords in your blog posts title. While amazing tagline’s and title’s might get you a visitor or two, over timing SEO value is best maximized with the proper keywords in title of your blog posts. Does this make sense? I feel like I am explaining a very simple concept and writing on and on about a simple task. BUT I CAN’T STRESS THE POINT enough, you must use them as often as you can. Now a bonus secret for your SEO Blogs, the close #2 is where you blog. Knockers-photo-blog

Blogging on a platform that is indexed often and ranks high on Google is key. Before we get to the list of Google below, why does Google index some sites more than others. Well it’s simple, quality sites get indexed more often. So not all Free blog sites are considered equal. A lot of people think blogging on a free blog like is fine, and you should go get blogs on those and create incoming links and you will be fine. Not exactly folks. A quality free blogging site, watches out for spammers and helps you create better content and increase community. Ebay is #1 on our list for that, is #2, Google is going to Index it’s own property more than ours:-), and is #3–how come we are higher than Wordpress? Well, we are #1 for “Create a blog” keyword. is #4 for your SEO blogs and to promote your blog. You certainly should blog often and use the most appropriate keywords too.

I hope you don’t mind, but from now on we will be placing a notice at the end of our blogs. I think this kind of disclosure is ok with focus, and it helps our sponsors who help us pay our bills.

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