Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The SEO Truth by Vipin Singh

User Behavior statistics on News within Google results and SEO Tip #11

A few days ago, we reported that Google started to add the News results in the middle of it’s search results. You may seen images results in the past, and YouTube video results in the past, but news is a fairly new addition. Being your SEO watch dog and experts, we try to bring these things to you as fast as we see the changes. We did this with the Dewey update as well, we think there will be changes to the Google Algorithms and the faster you learn about the changes, the better you will be able to SEO your own site. By the way, Dewey is not done yet and there is still some major testing and retesting being done by Google. How do we know, there are significant variance in the Google results, due to different server clusters not being in synch yet.

We talked about being news worthy, and writing about news stories that people are talking about. You can find that blog, about specifically how to write the news blogs for SEO value. The fact that you write your blogs often is important. Add the keyword “News” in your title of your post is SEO Tip #11. But, do make sure you cover the news at some level, don’t cheat anyone. The article below covers a thread by the SEO experts on SEORoundtable.com go to their site to see what the USER behavior is like on different segments of search results. As in the past, we have learned that Organic search results get clicked about 5-6 times more than ads, but Pay Per Click ads have a higher conversion rate. So do advertise on Google, that can never hurt your SEO efforts either.

User Behavior Influenced By Blended Search Results

I also want to add a couple of comments about SEO and SEO Services that I hear from clients and large companies. Obviously, I have an Enterprise computing back ground and a technology degree from a world class, well Wisconsin class University:-). I have been around technology for a long time, and I think most technologists can’t seem to get past this point. They always worry about the crawl ability, site structure, and think something is wrong with their site. They choose not to work with an SEO Services company until they feel that their ON-Site issues are solved. My suggestion to all enterprise or small businesses, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE listen to me, your site structure issues need only One small thing, and your techies can fix it within 5 minutes. That is you need the SEO Target keywords in the Title Tag. There are obviously many site structure issues that you need to address such as indexability, title tags based on URL and database fields to produce Search Engine Friendly Urls. And, you can do this internally, use an SEO services company and/or read the guide above from our Wordpress and solve this issues relatively quickly too.

What the big issue is that you need a high number, a very high number of quality contextual links, ethical blogs and content based links, from high Google Page Rank Sites. So is it really about the links for SEO? I hate to say that it’s as simple as getting more links than your competitors, but that is the fact folks. Now they need to be quality links from quality content such as blogs and contextual with proper Anchor text, but you really need more quality links. And, the best way to get them is to hire content writers to start blogging and get out and provide quality comments on popular blogs. So if you think some thing is wrong with your site, and you don’t want to hire an SEO Services, I don’t care if you do or you don’t. But, you need to get natural high quality links and blogging gives them to you. So take it from a biased SEO Services provider, but we are ranked pretty high for “SEO” and many of our blogging related keywords and for our clients. You need to get lots of quality links, and still clean up your site structure etc.